Alco-Sensor FST® Operator ENROLLMENT

The Alco-Sensor FST on-line training and Operators Manual require a login for access. Creating a login is simple and free through our online store.

Below you will be asked for an Alco-Sensor FST serial number. The six digit serial number can be found on the bottom edge of the FST. There are two labels on the bottom of the FST, one on each side,  the serial number is the one that is proceeded by a “No.” designation. Once you have submitted the serial number you will be taken to a checkout page where you will complete your registration.

To access training, please enter Your FST Instrument Serial Number

What is included in this training?

The online training is designed to walk you through the basics of operating and maintaining your Alco-Sensor FST.

The course will cover:

  • Unpacking and Setup
  • Instrument Components
  • Design Elements
  • Performing Direct Tests
  • Performing Passive Tests
  • Performing Quick Screen Tests
  • Performing Accuracy Checks
  • Performing Calibration Adjustments
  • General Maintenance Procedures
  • Warranty and Supplies

Once completed the training will provide a Certificate of Completion.

For up to a month after you receive a Certificate of Completion, you will be able to review the class material from your User Profile in the Intoximeters Training Academy website, and while you will be able to reprint the original Certificate of Completion, you will not be able to produce an updated Certificate. After a month, if you choose to take the course again, a new Certificate of Completion will be generated. This feature allows users to use this online training as part of a recertification program.