302: Breath Alcohol Technician/EBT & BAT Instructor Training Course | Classroom| April 19 – 21 – San Antonio, TX


• For users of Alco-Sensor IV @Work, Alco-Sensor IV w/Memory, and Alcomonitor CC
• Includes the 202 course above (1 day BAT)
• Calibration technician training
• Instructor resource manual and electronic files provided
• Advanced EBT and calibration theory plus testimony issues are discussed
• Successful presentations of BAT and calibration technician training modules are required for certification
NOTE: This course is an advanced class over and above DOT’s requirements for BAT instructors. Successful completion of the Instructor
Course authorizes the individual as a Calibration Technician and to train Factory Authorized Calibration Technicians. Calibration Trainer
Agreement expires every 12 months. Recertification requirements are at the discretion of Intoximeters.
305: Breath Alcohol Technician/EBT Instructor Course Online (2-Day)